Thank you for your interest in Bethel Christian Preschool! A fun place where children grow spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally. We currently have three morning academic classrooms; one 3 year old classroom and two Pre-K classrooms. We also offer a few different after school care options. Each classroom is set up and structured a bit differently to meet the needs of the students and also to compliment the teachers as a team.

What you can expect in each of our morning classrooms: Adoration, which might look like dancing to worship music, playing instruments, sharing testimonies, soaking with Jesus, or drawing prophetic pictures. Bible, including many of the stories from both the Old and New Testament. Academics, which can look like centers, whole group, or individual lessons. Topics covered will include but aren’t limited to letters, sounds, numbers, patterning, and many other cognitive concepts. Children will also develop socially and emotionally through indoor and outdoor play, learning how to share, resolve conflicts, and how to express their emotions amongst other things.

Pre-school application

Charlene Payment, Director
Bethel Christian Preschool
936 Twin View Blvd Building B
Redding, CA