BCS Encounter Homeschool Program

Do you long to encounter God as a family?

Have you heard of Bethel Christian School and hoped for your children to be able to experience the Kingdom Culture BCS cultivates?

You are invited to learn more about an opportunity to be part of Bethel Christian School’s Encounter Program.  Encounter Redding is tailored for home schooling families living in Redding who would like to meet in person, and the Encounter Global is a globally available, online program.

We are living at an unprecedented time in history, one of great turmoil and even greater God-opportunities.  Whether by choice or by necessity, in this season many families are educating their children at home.  What purposes could God have in bringing families together in this season?  How might He want to use this moment to shape the destiny of the next generation?

We believe this is a Kairos moment to invest in the spiritual development of our children. If you are longing to equip your children for a life of walking with God and are looking for resources and support in this, we invite you to join BCS Encounter, a program for families that specializes in facilitating encountering God and building a kingdom identity rooted in His word.

Click to watch a recorded Zoom call with teachers and parents from this year’s Encounter Program, or to view flyers.

For More Information:  BCS.Encounter@bethel.com