What is school policy regarding absences, tardiness and early departure?

Parents of students with excessive absences, tardiness, or early departures will be required to meet with the principal to develop a plan with a timeline for correcting attendance problems. Should the excessive absences/tardiness/early departures continue the parent(s) would be referred to the Bethel School Board. Failure to resolve an absence or tardy issue could lead to the student being expelled from the school and/or being referred to the Shasta County School Attendance Review Board (SARB) for further action.

Excessive absences are defined as students with 3 days of unexcused or 10 days of excused absences. Parents of a student with excessive absences will be sent a letter requesting a conference with the principal to address the attendance issue. A second letter will be sent after 5 days of unexcused or 12 days of excused absences. A third letter will be mailed requiring a meeting with the school board after 7 unexcused absences or 15 days of excused absences to determine the next course of action. Please note: every three (3) unexcused tardies equal one (1) unexcused absence.