Are there any extra fees that I should know about?

Throughout the school year various classes may take field trips that have small fees that may range from $5-$10.

There are supplies for every student required for each class.  You may view supply lists under resources.  The supplies required vary between classes.

There are fees for some of our Jr. High elective courses.  Those fees vary from $50-$100.  Parents will have information given to them regarding fees prior to their child signing up for the course.

There is a fee of $12.50 plus tax for our PE shirts that are required for fifth-eighth grade.

There is a sport fee of $50 for K-4th and  $75 for 5th-8th fee for each sport that your child participates in.

There is a fee of $5 for third through eighth grade student planners that are required.

A science board is needed for the S.T.E.A.M. Fair that takes place in February or March.  The cost is $5.

There are snack cards that parents have the option to purchase for those students who stay in aftercare.  Each snack card is $5.

Our Eighth grade has an end of the year mission trip that has a significant fee.  Our students have the entire year and great opportunities to earn the money for their trip.  We have never had a student who wanted to go unable to due to finances.  It is a great opportunity for our students to experience God’s provision.