Jonathan Overstreet

Teaching Staff

Jonathan Overstreet joined our staff as a substitute teacher in 2019-20 school year. Our staff and students loved him so much that he was asked to stay on as a full time teacher the following year teaching 6th grade.
He grew up outside St. Louis, Missouri and attended a Christian school until 7th grade. He later joined Youth With A Mission in Maui a year after graduating high school. He remained in missions for the next 6 years and then completed 2 years of BSSM.
Jonathan earned a BA at Simpson University with a teaching credential and began teaching. He is a well read and far traveled having visited 20 different countries. He thinks that exploration is the best form of education. His vision for his students is for every student to grow in compassion, curiosity and competence in their knowledge of God and his creation.
Jonathan loves Jesus, life, people, learning, adventure, and every sport that exists. Your student will love being in his class!
“Do not worry…seek first his kingdom and his righteousness…” Matt 6:25-34