Cathy Mayer

Teaching Staff

Cathy has taught at Bethel Christian School since 1998. She is married to Don Mayer, the principal of BCS. Cathy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts in 1998 and her teaching credential in 1999 from Simpson University.  She retired from full time teaching in 2020 and continued to teach math. Cathy says that she has the most exciting and rewarding job in the world. She loves everything about teaching at Bethel: “the kids, families, staff, getting to meet people from all over the world; being able to pray and soak, going to worship and chapel. I love seeing students who have a God mindset.” Cathy recalls that one year when she performed classroom campaigns for president, she was pleased to see that each candidate had a spiritual element. One student’s campaign platform was that if the class had a disagreement, everyone would stop and pray and ask the Holy Spirit what to do. Cathy believes children learn best when they are engaged. She tries to say “Yes” to as many of their ideas as possible; taking their ideas and melding them with what she needs to teach. “It is natural for kids to want to learn,” she says,” we just need to tap into their interest area and they will soak up what you need to teach them.” Cathy has many interests of her own. She enjoys walking, hiking, crafts, exploring nature, and entertaining and cooking for friends and family. She is a member of the California and Shasta County Reading Association and ACSI. She and Don lived in Hawaii for one year and she has traveled to Europe three times. She has three grown children and recently welcomed a granddaughter. As a family, they have spent 9 summer vacations in Mexico at Rancho De Sus Ninos Orphanage. Her favorite saying used to be Carpe Diem, but now it is a quote by Bill Johnson, “Carpe Eternity!”