Kindra Cushman


Kindra and Her husband Don (BCS’s own music teacher)  moved to Redding in the fall of 2009 so their three children could attend BCS.  As they were touring the school, Kindra saw a person in the hall and the thought went through her mind that she wanted her job so she asked God for it even though she had no idea who the woman was or what her job happened to be.  Six month’s later Mr. Mayer the former BCS principal called and asked Kindra if she would like a job.  His assistant had just had a baby and decided to not come back to work.   Guess who’s job it was?  The woman in the hall so many months earlier.  Her job has morphed into Administration and Outreach, but ultimately her heart is to raise up Warriors who know and love God.  She does many different things at BCS but her favorite is K-3rd grade Chapel service and leading parent intercession.